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Praying in the Days of Absurdity

This year is ending and everyone I know agrees that is has been a shitty year. Maybe someone had a healthy baby or someone found the love of their life or someone else was healed of a crippling disease. Good things happened, no doubt. But mostly – at least among white cisgendered heterosexual Americans who have an ounce of awareness of those who aren’t – 2016 could really just go to hell and stay there. Those of us in our 50s watched our childhood icons drop like the possum on New Year’s Eve. The soundtracks of our youth screetched like a needle across vinyl. Which is what we had back before it was hip. Continue Reading →


Yes, I Did Vaccinate My Child.

While not many of my friends are climate deniers or creationists, plenty of them are happy to throw science out the window and put children and vulnerable adults at risk by refusing to vaccinate their children. I’ve seen links to some really goofy pages recently in their defense. How about we read peer-reviewed journals instead, folks?J Infect Dis. 2004 May 189(Supplement 1) S1-3, Figure 1

My theory is that smart people throw reason out the window when faced with a deep fear reaction. But decisions made from fear are not rational – we see this daily in the news. We become afraid of the wrong things. We become afraid of Muslims instead of the extreme poverty situations that breed terrorism. We become afraid of environmental regulations killing jobs instead of afraid of the destruction to our water systems caused by fracking or to entire eco-systems due to mountain-top removal of coal. Continue Reading →