Spiritual Doula, Healer & Companion

I understand my work in the world as a Spiritual Doula – a knowledgeable and caring companion walking alongside your labor to birth your deep wisdom. Whether working one-to-one, leading a retreat, or speaking to a large group, my intention is to open a door to the grace that heals and enlivens us. You might also call me a Docent to the Divine, guiding you through classic and contemporary approaches to the Sacred, allowing you to discover what resonates and inspires your own creativity and calls you to service. 

For more than a decade I’ve created my own retreats, classes, and workshops. Always evolving, I’ve studied contemplative spirituality at The Shalem Institute, Movement Chaplaincy with the School of Global Citizenry, and Positive Psychology. I have trained in a variety of approaches to healing prayer including Gestalt Pastoral Care, Love & Light Ministries, and Reiki. I delight in reading the mystics (Celtic, Sufi, and Christian, in particular), digging into the Enneagram, and bearing witness to the rising of the Divine Feminine. I discovered in my own life that you can’t fall out of grace – you can only fall into it.

soul friend sessions

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soul friend sessions

I received a Master of Divinity from McCormick Theological Seminary and was ordained into ministry in 1990. In the years since, I have served progressive Protestant congregations, a Unity congregation, a Creation Spirituality congregation, and worked as a hospice and trauma chaplain. Working alongside people in difficult circumstances – from women in prostitution to men returning from prison to refugees – I’ve learned much about trauma and resilience, about systems of oppression and seeking justice together, about deep listening and deeper humility. I seek to advocate for the earth and equity among people in my work and daily life.

I love living in the Blue Ridge Mountain city of Asheville, NC, and visiting my son in NYC. 

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