First Friday Morning Meditation

Join Laura Collins as she guides us into a time of rich shared silence. Each month we’ll start with some grounding work, which may include breath or body prayer, chant, or a reading. Laura will then ring us into about 20 minutes of silence. After the silence, Laura will ring us out and offer a final blessing for your day. This 30 minute routine will help you end your work-week and begin your weekend with a sense of mindful calm and the collective energy of others on a spiritual path. Register here and donate a one-time fee of any amount and you will receive the link to be used monthly for the rest of 2023. The zoom room will open at 8:55. Please plan to be settled and ready to meditate promptly at 9 a.m. Thank you!

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Recent Reflections

Join us for our First Friday Morning Meditation!

  Looking for a way to start your month off right? Join us for First Friday Morning Meditation with Laura Collins. Starting from June 2nd, Laura will lead a 30-minute guided meditation that includes grounding work and shared silence. After the meditation, she...

Meditation: Psalm 23

The much-loved 23rd Psalm continues to speak to us over the centuries. In this meditation – perfect for unwinding before you fall asleep – I share two versions, both using inclusive language. This 7-minute meditation is a bit like lectio divina, if you’ve ever done...

Meditation: Prayer of St Francis

St. Francis, the famous 13th century monk from Assisi, usually gets credit for this lovely prayer though we’re not really sure where it came from. Some version of the opening line often makes its way into my daily meditation: make me an instrument of your peace, or...